Librex Holding Inc. is a parent corporation to a group of companies (over 14 subsidiaries) spread around the world.
The company was first founded in Canada by the four Bechalani Brothers in 1987; today Librex has its Ritello manufacturing facility located in Romanshorn, Switzerland.

Its amazing water-based filtration system (the Ritello) is sold and distributed in over 45 countries around the world.

The Librex History:

In 1987, the Bechalani brothers began their career reselling high end vacuum cleaners through the direct-selling method in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Thereafter, in 1989 they switched their sales operation to be involved in selling a water-filtration type of vacuum cleaner.

The company’s growth sky-rocketed due to the determination and efforts put by the Bechalani brothers who later on expanded their distribution to over 13 different markets.

By 2004, Librex decided to bring the original idea of a bagless vacuum cleaner to the market with a more advanced, powerful and attractive looking product, hence, the design of the new Ritello Cleaning System began in Munich, Germany. The Ritello vacuum cleaner became the 1st cleaning system with a colorful LED Display Screen that allows its user to clean at four different velocities.

The Rebirth of the Ritello…

2007 brought about a dramatically improved Ritello System. With a sleek, streamlined design and a motor twice as powerful as its predecessor,
Librex executives decided to reshape how a Home Cleaning System Looks and Feels by integrating a Display Screen, Four Speeds and an Automatic Cord Winder; making the Ritello not only advanced in its line but also user-friendly.

In 2012, Librex revolutionized the Electric-brushes industry and introduced again the first ever Rollbrush with dual-function that can be used for water pick-up and vacuum cleaning dry dirt.

The continuous success of the Ritello product led the network to span across 45 countries around the world by 2014, with sales & service centers to cater its clients.

The Latest Development of an Amazing Product…The Renaissance Edition (R2 series)

2015 brought the newest generation of the Ritello System. The result of thorough preparation, research and development, the new Ritello provides new features and innovations that are exceptional in the home cleaning industry. Today, the Ritello (Renaissance Edition) is truly a unique product and once again the most advanced system in its line.