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The aquajet

To complement your Ritello cleaning experience, the AQUAJET (Optional) Carpet Shampooer is a great solution to get rid of the tough stains.

The AquaJet is Simple, Practical and a lightweight tool that connects swiftly to the Ritello Main Unit. With carpet cleaning charges on the rise, the AquaJet is a great accessory to rapidly clean, recondition and deodorize your carpets. By using the AquaJet, you can scrub your carpet and dry it in minutes.

Your AquaJet:

1) It removes non-vacuumable stains caused from spills and pet stains.

2) It Cleans, reconditions and deodorizes your carpets.

3) It can Dry your wet carpets by simply placing the hose onto the back-vents of your Ritello (see Owner’s Manual for more details)

The purello

Meet the Purello!
It is the ultimate air purifier that is perfectly sized to be placed on a bedside stand, small table or hallway floor.
Not only does the Purello clean the ambient air but it also vaporizes and aromatizes it. Pour a few drops of the accompanying Ritello fragrances and let it work its scent magic.
When in use, the Purello illuminates the spinning water making it a perfect bedside lamp…with benefits.

The mini-powerbrush

The perfect addition to your Ritello system
The Mini-Powerbrush is an ideal tool to complement for the cleaning of furniture, mattresses, car interiors, and carpeted stairs.  It is a compact, lightweight hand-operated accessory with powerful motorized brush for thorough cleaning.

Quiet but powerful
Permanent magnet motor provides high power while producing very low noise. Durable motor includes electrical overload protection (circuit breaker).

Clever Neck System
The electrified QDC neck allows for direct connection to the Ritello electrified handle. The Mini-PowerBrush includes a swivel neck, pivoting suction opening and pedal range limiter (QDC).

* The Ritello is intended for indoor use only.

The Ritello Spray-Gun

Ideal for spraying down plants, windows and grime from tiles’ cracks.
Simply attach it to your Ritello to create a handheld vaporizer.


Connect the foamer attachment onto the Spray-Gun, then fill it with Ritello liquid shampoo in order to create ‘dry suds’, then scrub the upholstery, replace the hose on the intake of the main unit in order to pick up the sprayed shampoo.

The Squeegee

The Squeegee (Hard/Soft Brush) is another optional nozzle-head that can be attached on the AquaJet body to clean & mop bare floors. Turn the sponge side over and use the Squeegee Rubber Blade to dry-off the floors.

A great tool to remove ground-in dirt and stain from tile, linoleum and other hard surface floors.

The Aquamop

The AquaMop has a microfiber cleaning pad, designed to attract and retain dust and dirt. When you are done cleaning with it, simply throw the pad inside the washing machine.

The powerful airflow of the Ritello guarantees that all dirt and liquid are picked up. The AquaMop is practical and it swiftly attaches onto the Ritello Floor Tool making it a very cool thing.

The Aquabrush

A wonderful upholstery tool that can wash your sofas, car interior and carpeted stairs. Simply, attach the AquaBrush onto the AquaJet tube, then spray the shampoo, scrub and turn your Ritello ON in order to remove stains.

The Ritello Standard Fragrances

During your cleaning jobs, add a few drops of the Ritello Fragrances inside the water basin and instantly feel the garden inside your home. Each bottle has a highly-concentrated oil based fragrances that can last for several uses.

The smell of a garden inside your home
Inside each Ritello Fragrance pack you will find 4 refreshing scents. Lemon, Apple, Pine, Eucalyptus.

New fragrances Visual-01.jpg

The Ritello Premium Fragrances

Pamper yourself with the Ritello Premium Aromas Collection, available now in four fascinating spa scents, add a few drops inside the water basin and instantly turn your home into a Spa sensation.

Each bottle has a highly-concentrated oil based fragrances that can last for several uses.

4 refreshing scents. Cherry, Lavender, Floral Violet and Sandalwood.

The Ritello Deodorizer

The Ritello Deodorizer contains TRIETHYLENE GLYCOL. The use of (its vapor in the Air) helps reduce the Airborne Viruses, Bacteria & Mold significantly in closed areas.

Deodorizer Visual-01.jpg
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